How to use Spotify advertising as a musician

With over 100 million active monthly users, Spotify advertising as a musician offers an unmissable opportunity to showcase your tracks in the place legions of music fans go to discover new songs.

With targeted, customisable advertising on Spotify, artists can reach any demographic they choose, homing in on the fans who are most likely to love their music. Here’s how Spotify advertising is helping bands and artists advance their career right now.


Spotify advertising for bands and musicians


Target fans of your genre


A Spotify advertising campaign allows you to put your releases in front of fans who you know will be interested in your music.

You can target listeners by the genres they regularly listen to, so you can be sure you’re reaching the people most likely to enjoy your music. For example, if you’re an indie band influenced by several popular, major artists; you can target your advertising to reach fans of those specific band or musicians.

This specialised, bespoke advertising strategy means you’re sure to reach the people who are most likely to enjoy and support your music.



Reach fans of specific playlists

You can also target listeners depending on the Spotify playlists they tune in to. That means reaching fans not just by genre, but also by lifestyle, whether they’ve clicked play on a workout playlist, chill out compilation or any other unique compilation of tracks.

Alongside playlist and genre-based advertising, you can also customise your Spotify adverting campaign by age, gender and language, as well as the time of day they listen and the platform or device they use most often.



Give your streams a boost

Directing fans to your music via Spotify advertising is an easy way to increase your stream count and, in turn, your royalty earnings.

Whether your Spotify ad is designed to promote your latest single, album or back catalogue in general, the more people landing on your page, the more streams you’ll accrue.

A high stream count isn’t just about the royalties you’ll collect. The more streams your tracks get, the more legitimate and credible your Spotify profile will appear, which will encourage more and more music fans to check out your music.

Posting custom graphics with Spotify branding on your social media accounts is a great way of redirecting your current fanbase to bulk up your streams.




Promote your tour by location


Got a local, national or worldwide tour coming up? Or a big show to release your next record? Selling out your shows night after night can be hard work, but Spotify advertising makes sure you always get through to the fans who’ll be able to come to your gig.

A Spotify advertising campaign allows you to target music lovers by their specific location. That way, you know you’re getting through to the people who can make it to your show, and not relying on blind luck to reach the right people.

Got multiple tour dates to consider? In that case, you can set up multiple advertising campaigns, targeting the right people with the right advert every time.



Take control of your Spotify profile


Did you know you can now get verified on Spotify just by signing up to Spotify for Artists? Simply head to:

Just link up your Spotify Account with your band/artist social media pages, and your good to go.

That means you get a bunch of tools which can help you personalise your page, by adding playlists and featured tracks, as well as get insights into your trending data.

So now you can make your profile look professional, know what songs people are digging, and discover where you should head out on tour next! Isn’t that awesome?

Spotify For Artists – Homepage




What kind of ads can I run?

There are a few types of Spotify advertising options available to musicians and bands, including Audio, Display and Billboard ads.

Audio ads run of all devices, featuring a 30 second audio clip and clickable ad image in the bottom left of the screen. Display ads show up along the bottom of the screen without sound, while billboard ads appear as large images in the centre of the screen.

You can choose which type of ads you’d like run to guarantee you get your unique image and branding across the to the fans you’re targeting.

If you’re interested in a bespoke Spotify advertising campaign, get in touch with us now to started reaching potential fans on the world’s biggest streaming platform.

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